Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which have become indispensable in our lives due to their frequent use and transportation, can leave work and entertainment on the road. Powerbank's come into play at this point and provide the energy needed by the devices.

New generation flagship phones can charge more than twice

Anker, which gained the appreciation of consumers with its products that make life easier, offers an effective solution to this problem with PowerCore III Sense 10K, which is among the powerbank products. The device's 10,000mAh capacity battery stops charging needs during the day.

PowerCore III Sense 10K, which provides more than two charges for new generation flagship smartphones, can also fully charge large tablets such as iPad Pro 11 inches.

Very cool with colorful matte structure and ice blue LED

Anker Powercore III Sense 10K, which will be available in red, blue, pink and black color options, can be carried anywhere in the bag, in the hand and in the pocket, thanks to its much thinner structure.

Sense III 10K appeals to different styles and tastes with its matte outer structure that provides a premium look with its design and the carrying bag that comes out of the box. The power bank, which will draw attention with its ice blue LED light button, will enable you to easily see the charge level and offer a practical use.

Using energy efficiently with PowerIQ technology

Sense III 10K will be one of the most preferred products of the summer with its smart technologies as well as its appearance. Mobile devices can be charged quickly thanks to the 18-watt USB-C output, and with this connection, it is possible to reach the powerbank to full capacity in just 4.5 hours.

The USB-A output with PowerIQ support on it provides smart use for low energy devices and provides energy efficient use. Charging these devices with the Trickle Charging technique, the Powercore Sense 10K senses the instantaneous energy consumption of the device and can supply only as much power as needed.

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