Company according to the statement, senior engineering and advanced technology company ASELSAN and has long brought by the knowledge of 60 years in the production and commercialization of Turkey's largest medical device manufacturer Bıçakcılar signed two strategic strategic partnership agreements to reverse the import-export balance and make state-of-the-art health services accessible by localization.

As the focal point of the project, the heart lung machine, which plays a critical role in cardiovascular surgery and designed with advanced technologies, has been determined. Both organizations started to cooperate through R&D teams, and as the design phase progressed, technical details of the device were determined. The new product is primarily focused on the domestic market, and it is planned to be offered for sale all over the world in the future.

ASELSAN Deputy General Manager, Transportation, Security, Energy, Automation and Health Systems Dr. "We believe that with our strength in engineering, our new product that will come out with the knowledge and expertise in the medical device field will create real value for human life," said Ibrahim Bekar. He used the expression.

Bıçakcılar Medical Devices Chief Executive Officer Souheil El Hakim said, "Cardiovascular surgery is one of our specialties and combining our expertise with ASELSAN's flawless engineering equipment will lead not only to the production of a high-tech device, but also to solutions accessible to cardiovascular surgery in the medical device market."

The heart lung machine is used as a very critical device performing heart and lung function in open heart surgeries.

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