New gene arrangements have enabled many different sectors to work more effectively today. Gene editing through biotechnology continues to be used in different tasks. Biotechnology, which is known to have different benefits, also stands out with its harms. In addition, biotechnology used in different sectors has become one of the most important activities of the age.

What is Biotechnology, Where is it used?

In order to develop microorganisms with plants, animals and genes, studies with cells and tissues are called biotechnology. This situation is not only handled through living structures. It also has an important potential on mechanical engineering, electrical-electronic engineering or computer engineering. By using all these disciplines, studies on the DNA of plants, animals and microorganisms come to the fore as a whole biotechnology. In this way, substances that are not produced too much or cannot be produced at all and can be used in different fields. Biotechnology constitutes an important potential and used in many different areas today.

– Industrial sector,
– New vegetable and fruit production,
– Against harmful genes on humans,
– Purpose of repairing the spinal cord,
– Medicinal plant production,
– Cancer Prevention and treatment of serious diseases and similar diseases,
– Protein production useful in human health,
– Repair of damaged brain cells,
– Bacteria and energy gain from organic waste,

Due to such factors, biotechnology has become a sector that is getting stronger day by day.

What are the Benefits and Harms of Biotechnology?

Biotechnology stands out with its many benefits. However, it is also possible to say that there are different damages.

Here are the benefits of biotechnology;

– Early diagnosis of epidemic and infectious diseases that may occur,
– Vaccine sector development,
– Reduction of genetic diseases,
– Animal husbandry becomes more efficient,
– Contribution against deadly diseases and for medicines ,
Similarly, the harm of biotechnology;
– Biological weapons making,
– Genetically modified vegetable and fruit production,
– Toxin waste occur,
– Natural balance and cycles deterioration,
– Environmental pollution formation,
– Factors about ecosystem degradation,

In many situations like this, biotechnology has taken its place in life with its beneficial and harmful results. Regardless, there is no turning back on biotechnology, which has now become a part of life.

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