Hashtag (heştek) means “Tag” or “Title Tag” in Turkish. To make the tag icon, the # (Hashtag) symbol is written at the beginning of the word. Now we will tell you how to make # hashtag icon with Windows computer keyboard.

# Hashtag Making with Computer Keyboard

# icon is called number sing, which is formed by the intersection of two lines vertically parallel and two lines horizontally. You may also encounter this icon on the phone keyboard. The # hashtag icon on the computer keyboard is made using Alt Gr + 3 combination. Briefly, holding down the Alt Gr key and typing 3 (3 numbers sequentially above the letters) press the # symbol. Hashtag symbol F and Q are done in the same way on the keyboard.

Also, some special characters can be made using the character copy table when not found on the keyboard. For this, we print using the win + r combination and by typing the charmap command in the run window that opens, the # symbol is made by opening the character copy table.

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