Hologram is one of the biggest inventions invented by the development of technology. It is also often preferred by most brands.

What is Hologram?

Hologram is the laser representation of any existing object. Hologram has a lot of usage.

The hologram allows the light to be reflected to see the image as a layer. At the same time, a three-dimensional photo is obtained by combining two different laser beams. This is done thanks to the hologram.

It has different features than normal photography. The hologram allows the photos to be shown deeper. But holograms cannot be duplicated and distributed. Two-dimensional objects make it look three-dimensional with advanced technology thanks to the hologram. For this reason, it visually shows the images beautifully.

Where is the hologram used?

Hologram has been developed for security purposes and is used in many areas. Apart from that, the hologram is also used in the industry. The hologram, also known as three-dimensional official security, is used wherever security is required. For this, it is used for organic farming and seeds. Apart from these, for cosmetic products, hologram is used in products in the pharmaceutical industry, stationery, painting and food industry.

Hologram provides useful services to people in terms of security. For this reason, it is used in many sectors. It is a technology used in sectors such as jewelery, watches, detergents, toys and spare parts.

What is the Hologram Used for?

Branded products all over the world including our country. Many products such as confidential documents, public identity cards, ID cards, license documents face threats such as counterfeiting. It gives an easily distinguished originality to products or documents.

There are holograms around the world to prevent pirates and imitators. Hologram, a security tool developed with today's technological facilities, has made document forgery impossible. Technologies that can be scanned and copied are not secure. The hologram can never be copied or scanned. It cannot be sent electronically and any printing techniques cannot be applied.

It is also a good marking tool. Consumers are always more interested in products bearing holographic labels. It also has attractive images. For this reason, it increases product popularity. Brand advertisements can be made in a way that customers cannot think of for many years. It can also be easily distinguished during the diagnosis of products.
The hologram is easy to use. For this reason, it can be easily applied on many substances. Its usage area is very wide. Considering these benefits provided by the hologram, it is a cost-effective technology.

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