It is possible to write many signs, letters or numbers with the keys on the keyboard. But there is no square root keypad on the keyboard. There are 2 methods of making square root sign.

How to make a square root sign?

One of the parts of computers is the keyboard. There are many keypads on the keyboard. But the square root keypad is not found on the keyboard. There are 2 different methods to write square roots on the keyboard. We have explained these 2 methods below.

1) People using Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 should open the character map window by typing a character map in the search section. If a different operating system is being used, they must first click Start
then programs, then accessories, system tools, and the character map tab.

After opening the screen, you will see the Go to Unicoe box. 221A should be written in this box. Then select and copy tabs are clicked. After these operations, the square root sign can be obtained by pressing the Ctrl + V key together.

2) Another method is to write the square root in the search engine over the internet and use the square root sign with copy and paste.

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