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KVKK covers the obligations of real and legal persons who use, process and store personal data, and the rules they will obey. KVKK uses many technologies to ensure data is processed and confidential in a certain order.

Personal data detection test

Information covered by personal data; identification number, origin, religion, health information and education information. The detection of these data enables transactions within the framework of the law. With the personal data detection test, the personal data of individuals are determined.

Data leak prevention-DLP test

Businesses have a lot of sensitive data about their customers and employees. DLP test is applied to prevent data leakage from the enterprises. This DLP test, known as "data leakage prevention", "data loss prevention", "data leakage prevention", "data leakage prevention", "data loss prevention" or "data leakage prevention", is used in network, storage areas and end user (end ) and it is important for every institution.

Encryption test

If the data is compromised, the fact that the data is encrypted ensures that the hacker cannot obtain the data and that there is no data leakage. The encryption test, which is important for KVKK, aims to encrypt the data.

Email security i test

Email is one of the most common communication methods. This causes cyber attackers to use mail as a tool. Opening an e-mail from third parties unconsciously can put the corporate computer and network at risk. Therefore, e-mail security is of great importance.

Web security and ADC tests

Web sites are also likely to be exposed to cyber attacks. Especially websites that make commercial businesses visible in the digital world and banks' websites can be exploited by malicious attackers in the event of the slightest vulnerability.

Log and SIEM technologies test

SIEM and Log technologies enable recording and analysis of transactions occurring in institutions. Therefore, SIEM and Log records are checked for data leakage.

Data erase destruction test

Destruction of data means that it is inaccessible and unusable by users in any way. Deliberate and intentional destruction of data means that KVKK is not complied with.

Timestamp test

Timestamp, in accordance with the "Electronic Signature Law" numbered 5070; means the registration verified by the electronic certificate service provider by an electronic signature in order to determine when an electronic data was produced, modified, sent, received and / or recorded. The time stamp is important for KVKK in terms of providing access to many important information such as when the data was changed, received, sent.

Database security i test

Vulnerability in databases, which are areas where related information is stored, can mean data leakage. The way to detect whether this type of vulnerability exists is to perform a database security test.

Tokenation test

Using the method of displacement with encrypted data to protect sensitive data implies tokenization technology. The tokenization test is used to check the encryption status of sensitive data.

Unstructured data security products

Lack of device installation or configuration is a great opportunity for cyber attackers. One of the ways to prevent the data from falling into the hands of malicious people is to fully configure the devices.

Mobile Device Y management (MDM) products

MDM is crucial for knowing the answers to questions such as what features are open on the device, whether the device is open for external access, and managing the devices.

Authority and access control products

Authority and access control products are important for knowing the answers to questions such as who is connecting to the network, what is happening on the network now. In case the network is not monitored, a malicious person can connect to the corporate network and receive the data from inside. For this reason, such products are important for businesses.

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