The robot named 'Tetrobo', designed to reduce the contact between Kovid-19 patients and healthcare workers, will be used to deliver food, medicine, etc. to patients at the Istanbul Medical Faculty Pandemic service.

Istanbul University (IU) 3D Medical and Industrial Design Laboratory (TETLAB) and Yildiz Technical University (YTU) in cooperation with a new coronavirus (Kovid-19) to reduce contact between healthcare professionals and patients robots was designed.

The robot named " Tetrobo ", developed in three days with the collaboration of TETLAB staff and a team from YTÜ, will be used to deliver food, medicine, water to patients in the pandemic service of the Istanbul Medical Faculty.

Thanks to the robot commanded via mobile application, it is aimed to protect healthcare workers against possible transmission risk by reducing contact with the patient.

Istanbul Medical Faculty Faculty Member and TETLAB Responsible Dr. Leyla Türker Şener told the AA reporter that in the laboratory, which was founded in 2015 with the support of the Istanbul Development Agency (İSTKA), they conducted studies on patent applications, production of prototypes and management of the mass production process.

"Performs the function that the health worker will do"

Stating that they are turning to studies that may be beneficial for healthcare workers during the Kovid-19 epidemic process, Şener underlined that healthcare professionals are providing services to patients 24/7.

For this reason, Şener pointed out that the healthcare workers are the group most at risk of getting infected, "While we were thinking about what to do for them, we produced the rough prototype of a robot that we applied for in 3 days in 2016. We thought of a system that would allow them to come together. Our robot is putting the patient's food, water, medication on whatever needs to be taken, transmitting it to the patient and coming back. Actually, this robot performs the function that the health worker will do. " he spoke.

Şener stated that the robot works via a mobile application and can be directed to the desired place by commanding from here.

"We are about to complete the new version equipped with the sensor"

Stating that they are working on the advanced version of the robot, Şener continued as follows:

"We are about to complete the version that will provide video conversation between the patient equipped with sensors and the physician. In fact, there is another important point here. The robot also needs to be sterilized. The sterilization cabinet design and production process of this is also continuing. as a pandemic service, we will put it into service. "

Şener stated that the robot carried out trials at the Istanbul Medical Faculty pandemic service and received feedback.

Expressing that they are always supporters of healthcare workers, Şener added that the laboratory doors are open to innovative ideas for the protection of healthcare workers in this process.

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