Huawei, which was remembered with its long battery performance in both phones and smart watches, saved a woman's life in England. A British woman who took the Huawei Y6 instead of the old iPhone 6 model phone fell down on the floor as she descended the stairs in her home. He lost consciousness under the influence of the enemy and could not recover for three days.

With a 3,020 mAh battery and long battery performance, the Huawei Y6 managed to stay on for three days. Thanks to the charge, which fell to 50 percent at the end of three days, he made a woman call for help for a moment. In this way, we can once again understand how important long battery performance is.

Even though the Huawei Y6 does not come with a very high battery, it has managed to stay on for three years because it offers HD + resolution and low power components.

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